Keep your entire
enterprise entirely secure.

Each mobile device in your enterprise represents a potential threat to your system’s data. There are many partial mobile security solutions, but eMune is the only comprehensive, end-to-end enterprise solution that protects each device against each risk - with a 100% transparent experience. Constantly on the lookout, eMune’s powerful, cyber-hardened solution is ready to detect and neutralize any and all threats, ensuring the security of your enterprise backbone.

Introducing : A Powerful, Cyber-Hardened, End-to-End BYOD Mobile Security Solution

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100% transparency

Secured email and enterprise applications

Real-time, ongoing malware detection and elimination of existing and unknown e-threats

Crystal-clear, encrypted VoIP and IM

Developed in conjunction with leading experts on cybersecurity and secure communications, eMune delivers premium security at affordable prices.

Your users won’t know the difference. But you will.